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An exquisite antique store where quality, passion and trust are the points of focus.

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Golden Antique Clock
Various Antique Piece
Bronze Antique Piece
Ivoren decoratie
Bronze and Golden Antique Clock
Antique Ivory Piece


Years of expertise over multiple generations.


Products in our splendiferous collection.


Customers helped in the past year alone.

Why choose us?

With our unique mission and vision, we want to create a total product concept for our customers. You can come to us with all your questions and needs. That is why we offer three more services in addition to our unique items:


There is not a single product in the world that has such a high emotional involvement as antique. It is for this reason that we restore the pieces that are important to you with great care and attention, down to the smallest details.


Even though you always treat your pieces with the greatest care, a small accident is never far away. That is why we are always at your service for carrying out repairs.

Official Taxation

To protect yourself and your goods, it is essential that they are officially valued in the event of theft or destruction. That is why our products are accompanied by official valuation reports when bought. This way you never have to undergo difficult insurance issues and the valuation of your items are certain. We can also appraise your current goods, although on request.

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